ARC Power

Hi-rel Power Design for Space and Aerospace 



ARC-Power is a company born from decades of experience in power conditioning design and system engineering for space and aerospace application. Our engineers have been involved in several European Space Agency and commercial space programs, civil manned and unmanned aviation projects. Our team is specialist in electrical power conversion, EMI filters, power distribution, solid state power switching and current  monitoring and protection and Electrical System Engineering.



ARC-Power offers standard radiation tolerant hybrid DC/DC converters, export restrictions free, designed and manufactured according to European Space Agency standards. The compact hybrids, dedicated EMI filter design and in house costumer support will reduce designers effort and improve DC/DC converter board performances. Arc Power offers as well custom solution based on standart PCB tecnology or on ceramic hybrid solution in case of stringent thermal management and space occupation requirements. 



ARC-Power offers design and manufacturing of custom power management and distribution solution for space and aerospace application: custom multi output DC/DC, AC/DC converters, power distribution and switching boards and units, motor driver electronics, EMI filters, magnetics components and harness. Arc Power is offering to its clients  electrical design, prototyping with releted documentation: Part Stress and Worst Case Analysis, FMEA, Reliability Prediction and Thermal analysis, Test Procedure and Reports. ARC Power is offering as well Electrical System Engineering support.

APG Hybrid DC/DC converters for Space